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I am pleased to announce that SHINOHARA JAPAN Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hans-Gronhi Printing Technology Co., Ltd based in China, was established on May 1, 2012.

After 90 years in business, Shinohara Machinery Co., Ltd closed in 2011 which was regrettable loss to the printing industry.

SHINOHARA brand products are sophisticated and held in high regard. As a result, many world wide requests were made to make available the continued needed support of the SHINOHARA brand. Therefore, I have taken over all Shinohara property with respect to intellectual property rights, patent rights and brand name. In addition, Shinohara’s highly skilled engineers and designers have also joined SHINOHARA JAPAN Co., Ltd to insure the continued service and technical support which is so needed.

SHINOHARA JAPAN in Shizuoka city is a legal successor of SHINOHARA, and continues to produce SHINOHARA brand high quality presses and offer efficient technical and spare parts support to all SHNOHARA customers throughout the world.

I will do my utmost to establish trust with all those I deal with and to professionally respond to all expectations with the goal to preserve the SHINOHARA name. I would greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.

Liu Xuezhi

SHINOHARA JAPAN CO Ltd was established in May 2012. However, all employees of SHINOHARA JAPAN have decades of experience with SHINOHARA machinery and are committed to continueing to observe the traditions established when the company was founded in 1919. Specifically, these traditions are to produce high quality printing presses, to offer professional technical support of Shinohara presses, and to supply quality spare parts to support all Shiohara customers world wide.

Unfortunately, after over 90 years in business, Shinohara Machinery Co., Ltd. ceased operations in 2011. But because of all of your support, we are back in business as a New SHINOHARA. A “new” SHINOHARA has been born and we have begun a new generation aimed at regaining customers’ confidence and offering the highest quality products to meet the job required.
Printing markets are becoming increasingly globalized. As a result, it is natural and logical to have production lines in more than one county to meet customers’ requirements. Accordingly, our company has productions line in both China and Japan making it easier to meet customers’ needs. With the input from engineers in both countries, we are able to present more sophisticated printing presses for distribution all over the world.

I welcome your further guidance and am depending on your future encouragement.

Representative Director
Shizuo Masuda

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Company Outline


Legal Representative Shizuo Masuda
Registered Capital JP Yen 100,000,000
Business Scope Development, manufacturing, sales and customer support for SHINOHARA brand sheet-fed offset presses.
Sales and customer support for Laser equipment.
Address NO.511-1 Achigaya, Shimada-Shi, Shizuoka 427-0006, Japan
TEL:+81-(0)547-37-1717 / FAX:+81-(0)547-54-4890
Homepage http://www.shinoharajapan.com

【High accuracy and quality】

A wide of range of technologies has been accumulated since 1919. Based on our accumulated experience and technical expertise, we have been pursuing printing applications to the next generation products.

【Consistent Production Procedures】

Shinohara business policy is to keep fundamental in mind. With SHINOHARA own foundry technology, we can produce rigid press bases and frames. These are the foundation of Shinohara printing presses to maintain the durable highest printing quality performance.

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Corporate Development

1919 Shinohara Machinery Co., Ltd is established in Shizuoka City to manufacture machine tool.

Shinohara Machinery Co., Ltd begins manufacturing letter press printing machines.

1974 The first sheet-fed offset press, Fuji-58, is developed, and launched for domestic and overseas markets.
1975 Established Shinohara Shoji KK as the sales division of Shinohara Machinery Co., Ltd.
2010 Merged Shinohara Shoji KK and changed its trade name into KK SHINOHARA
May 2012 Established Shinohara Japan Co., Ltd to continue on developing, designing and manufacturing SHINOHARA brand printing press.
August 2013   With the business expansion, relocated the corporate office to Shimada-City, Shizuoka, and increased the capital to JP Yen 100,000,000

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Associated Company

Han's Laser Technology Co. Ltd

Name 中文:深圳市大族激光科技股份有限公司
英文:Han's Laser Technology Co. Ltd
Legal Representative Gao Yunfeng
Registered Capital 1,044,400,000 RMB
Business Scope

Technology development, producing, sales of the electromechanical integration equipment, laser and related products. Production of laser engraving machine, laser welding machine, laser and related components (excluding the restricted project). R&D, production, sales of photovoltaic solar energy production equipment and products, LED and other new light source products and electric light source equipment. Manufacture and sale the wind driven generator spare parts and grid-connected equipment. Domestic business. Material supply and marketing industry (excluding the franchise, the control, monopoly of goods).Industrial projects (the specific items to be declared separately). Import & export business. General cargo. Real estate development and investment. Property management. Leasing owned property. Equipment leasing and maintenance. After sale service.

Address Han's Laser Building, NO. 9988 Shennan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, PR China. P.C.:518052
Homepage http://www.hanslaser.com/


Name 中文:遼寧大族冠華印刷科技股份有限公司
英文:Han-Gronhi Graphic Technology Co. Ltd
Legal Representative Zhou Guangying
Registered Capital 160,000,000 RMB
Employees 900
Business Scope Product, research single, multiple offset press, digital printing products and digital plate making devices. Providing technical & maintenance support. Dealing with consumables related printing. Domestic business. Material supply and marketing industry (excluding the franchise, the control, monopoly of goods).  Export business or Technology export & import.

No.136 Xinlian Street, Liaoning(Yingkou)Coastl Industry Base, China-115000

Homepage http://www.gronhi.com/


Name Shinohara China
Business Scope The assembly factory of Shinohara printing press has been established inside Hans-Gronhi company.

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